About Zawia

We are a creative media and marketing agency combined with social media savvy based at Al Rashidiya, Ajman. We are committed to strengthening the connection between your company and its target audience, growing your business, and increasing your market presence through our world-class customized marketing solutions that meet your business goals. Zawia  will add a value to your business market through our complete tailor-made solutions and target-oriented marketing tools.

Simply, because we are providing a comprehensive solutions with a high standard support and customer services level. We believe that your success is ours, so we focus to support you to reach your target and goals from our services. Our management, creatives, developers and technicians are working all the time to insure that you will never find better services.
Whatever the products or services that we are going to provide it to our clients. We insure that we will provide them with 24/7 technical support based on number of rules which is available on the support section and the contract at the same time. Please check it and get back to our support team if you have any questions, comments, or suggestions.

Achieved from our goals

Zawia Mission

Our Mission

Zawia’s mission is to provide international marketing solutions that meet the needs of both private and public sectors, and raise awareness towards the power of tailored marketing solutions in enhancing your business growth.

Zawia Vision

Our Vision

Together, as one team, we embrace the UAE values and work towards an inclusive environment workplace that supports talents in their pursuit of success, and fosters creativity and innovation across all our partners.


Our commitment

We are committed to providing our services and products to all customers based on the highest standards. We also guarantee to provide outstanding technical support according to the highest international standards


Our commitment

We trust our abilities, dreams, and your team. That's why, we are planning to host more than 5000 website on our servers and we are working to be an international media agency with 2022.