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CPC is the foundation calculation for most Adwords campaigns. It is a great tool for understanding the basic costs of a campaign at a basic level. Most business owners have an idea of how much they are willing to pay for a lead and this simple calculation gives them a figure to work with.

CPC doesn't offer a great deal of insight on its own, but it does provide a very important building block for further understanding the costs involved in developing an Adwords campaign.

CPM: Cost- Per Thousand Impressions

CPM stands for 'cost-per mille' but is more commonly known as 'cost-per-thousand impressions'. This metric allows us to understand how much it costs to get an advert in front of the eyes of the people the campaign is targeted at.

CPM is useful to people operating both CPM and CPC campaigns. It gives a good insight into how many people are actually laying eyes on your advert.
Brand impressions are, of course, an invaluable tool in developing a strong, durable marketing campaign.

And more .... it's not a tool, it's a science