Digital Marketing

Make your event the talk of the people and target the largest segment of the audience

E-marketing services for events push your audience to move according to plans

We market events and events through all websites and electronic platforms and ensure that the public is informed and attended

E-marketing has the ability to reach the widest categories and segments of the target audience with extreme accuracy and achieve great results and success in marketing for events, events and conferences. The expert team at Seven G Media develops electronic marketing plans in an integrated manner, including (marketing through social media, paid ads, optimizing search engine results, And Google Adwords ads, email marketing, and video marketing) We implement an integrated system to increase the number of visitors and register to attend events through electronic forms.

Interact with the target audience

E-marketing platforms allow you to interact with your audience, answer their inquiries, know their opinions, interact with them and answer their questions.

Accurate access to all slides

Precisely reaching a limited segment of the audience can be achieved through social media marketing and Google paid advertising.

High return on investment

E-marketing provides integrated advertising coverage at a very reasonable cost compared to the cost of traditional marketing, which gives you a higher return on investment.

wide spread

Online platforms help you make the news of your event that you plan to hold spread among your audience all over the world. We plan your campaign in an integrated strategic way.

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Advantages of e-marketing and campaign management solutions provided by Zawia Advertising


SevenG Media offers integrated e-marketing solutions in both Arabic and English, where the e-marketing team, which works from our offices and near our customers, designs and implements harmonious marketing strategies and plans together targeting users of all electronic platforms.


E-marketing campaigns for events and events achieve unparalleled success because we follow up and analyze the results, moment by moment, and modify the campaign in order to achieve the best results and reach the target audience completely, and in line with the strategic objectives of the marketing campaign, with the aim of increasing the rate of clicks to reach the landing page.


We make our campaigns fully compatible with your strategic goals. Whether you want to target a small segment spread in several countries around the world, we develop e-marketing plans that are in line with your goals and select the appropriate electronic platforms to achieve the best results you are looking to achieve through an integrated marketing strategy.


The creativity team, in every e-marketing campaign, whether through social media platforms or through Google ads, puts creative marketing ideas, and at the same time focuses on e-marketing campaigns to reach the target audience accurately and make full use of the allocated budget to achieve promising results.

Providing integrated solutions for marketing events and events via the network

Improve search engine results

Our goal is to support your event to be among the first results on the search engines when using keywords related to the sector in which you work, and to make the news of your event top in the search results, to motivate browsers and increase the number of attendees for events and events, and to ensure that electronic registration forms are filled out.

Email Marketing

We design email newsletters, write marketing content in Arabic and English and develop technically for these newsletters, support them with useful information for all target segments, and distribute them according to updated email addresses, in order to spread the news of your events and encourage the audience to register and attend.

Marketing by posting video on YouTube

Video marketing campaigns can bring amazing returns and success to marketing events, events and conferences. We produce marketing videos, starting with scriptwriting, animation production, photography, and marketing films to reach the target audience, and provide integrated marketing solutions for events and events launched by your government organization or private company.

Landing page design and development

The design of the landing page, which is the page that surfers end up landing on when they click on your ad, is of great importance to the success of your e-marketing campaigns, and our experts design it professionally to convey all the information and motivate browsers to fill out the online registration form to attend the event.

Google Adwords ads

An advertising campaign that includes Google Display Ads, Google Video Ads, and Google Keyword Ads in search results in search engines. These campaigns aim to raise awareness, move browsers to the landing page, and facilitate the registration process for attendees.

Marketing on social media

We guarantee that e-marketing campaigns on social networking sites will spread among the followers in a high way. Our professional Social Media Marketing Managers monitor the content, design and management of advertising campaigns to achieve tangible results according to interactive marketing strategies.