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The important marketing strategies pursued by advertising companies in order to achieve their business objectives, as they help to attract new customers and maintain existing customers, and also help to increase sales and enhance the brand and position in the market.

Among the most important marketing strategies undertaken by advertising companies are:

1- Media Marketing: It is the use of various media, such as television, radio, newspapers, magazines and the Internet, to promote products, services and the brand. Media marketing is considered one of the most important marketing strategies as it can reach a wide audience and achieve positive results.

2- Marketing and advertising campaigns: This strategy relies on launching large advertising campaigns to promote products and services. These campaigns include the use of various advertising means, such as television advertisements, electronic advertisements, and advertisements in newspapers and magazines.

3- Marketing Public Relations: It is a strategy used to build good relationships with customers, consumers and the target audience, and includes the use of various means to communicate with them, such as seminars, conferences, events, awards and mailings.

4- Experiential marketing: This type of marketing is represented in providing free samples of products to customers and consumers, and it helps to attract new customers.

5- Interactive marketing: This type of marketing involves engaging customers and consumers in the experience of products or services, by organizing contests or opinion polls, or their interaction with specific advertising content on the Internet.

6- Social Marketing: This type of marketing is represented in the use of social media to interact with customers and consumers and achieve interaction and positive communication with them, by publishing advertising content on social media platforms.

7- Digital marketing: This type of marketing relies on the use of digital advertising tools, such as online ads, e-mails, and mobile applications, and aims to promote products and services and attract more customers and consumers.

8- Network Marketing: This type of marketing is the use of a network of independent marketers to promote products and services, and it depends on personal relationships and recommendations by customers and consumers.

In short, marketing strategies are very important for advertising companies, as they help attract customers, achieve commercial goals, increase sales, and enhance the brand. These companies must choose the most appropriate strategies for themselves and their products.


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