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We are proven best PPC company in Dubai. Our PPC experts always try to keep you ahead of your competitors with high performing PPC services. Avail affordable PPC packages for Google Ads Services like Banner Ads, Search Ads, App Installation Ads, YouTube Ads, Lead Generation Ads, Shopping Ads, Campaign's Quality Score Improvement & Modification, Landing page Design etc with 100% transparency.

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    Why Choose Us for PPC Services

    Zawia Publishing & Advertising (ZPA) is rated #1 PPC Services Provider in Ajman; Google Ads certified PPC experts are working for the PPC clients of all over United Arab Emirates (U.A.E) and other countries. If you want customers instantly without paying huge amount, you must go with PPC services. Being best Pay per Click (PPC Management) services company in Dubai – Ajman, we are commited to help you to run Google Ads or any paid ads in search engine or social media. Our Google advertising services are affordable in comparison with other PPC agencies in Dubai – Ajman. PPC campaign management services are strong digital marketing process to rank website in top before genuine customers while they are searching your services or products. Google ads ranks your website at top of search engine by selected keywords which are searched maximum by potential customers. Google Ads or other PPC (Pay Per Click) paid advertisements are the most ideal approach to get instant result as far business or leads. It can possibly develop your business if done by a PPC specialist such as PPC experts of Zawia Publishing & Advertising (ZPA). It offers you some assistance with measuring your budget and let you know where your amount is being spent.

    PPC Services

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    What We Offer in PPC Services?

    A business can get instant moment result inside of seconds in the wake of promoting by PPC.
    PPC Services direct people to a website much quicker than SEO Service or SMO Service. In any case, it is a paid services. We need to pay for every click on the advertisement. The activity can be a click, appearance, lead generation, App install and so on. There is heaps of rivalry in PPC industry. The PPC includes heaps of specialized things to manage. By relegating a committed PPC Company in Dubai - Ajman for Managing PPC promoting organization work you can have these focal points.

    Search Network Advertising

    Search Network Advertising is a cost-effective Digital marketing strategy PPC through which you can drive targeted traffic to your website. We’ll increase your sales through a strategic paid search Network Advertising. You can reach people in targeted area or focus your paid Search ads on cities, countries and area with certain distance from your business. Ad is shown when user searches your keyqords and amount is deducted when they click on it.

    Display Network Advertising

    Google Display Network Advertising helps you to grow your business by increasing your reach to millions of people while they are browsing their favorite websites, checking G-mails account, watching YouTube videos, using apps and mobile devices. Google Display Network Advertising provides you great opportunity to introduce your brand to people without waiting for users to come and find your products or services.

    App Promotion Services

    We specialize in app promotion services and serve for app development companies and help them to increase no. of download of their apps. We create many more creative ways to promote your apps globally. We work on CPI - Cost Per Install. We charge for each successful install of your App. We gives you installs from any specific geo locations too, so that you can get more advantages of downloads.

    Remarketing Services

    With the help of Remarketing services you can target those people who have already visited to your website and gone through your Facebook pages. We set-up ad retargeting campaign across various ad platform to help client drive branding, leads and sales. Remarketing services in PPC is best way to connect with people who once made interest to do some activities on your website and left that. You can target those potential customers and force them to buy products or avail services.

    Landing Page Design

    Landing pages is most important part of PPC services. You must have landing page to show your company details, services or product detail, enquiry form and contact detail. Fast loading and responsive is the main feature of landing page design. We have different packages for Landing Page Design Services, it helps to convert website traffic into guaranteed conversion. We provide awesome landing pages designing services which yield fantastic result.

    Facebook Marketing Services

    It helps you in advertising of your business in FB that leads to growth and development of your products and services as we know that we are surviving in digital dominated where millions of people are Facebook users. Facebook are low-cost to run and most important thing is target the audience you want to reach. Here are many targeting features, We can target customers by their interest, their behaviour etc. There are many type of Facebook Advertisement - Traffic, Reach, Leads, Installs, Conversion, etc.


    Benefits of PPC Services for Your Business

    1. Achieve Business Goals

    Unlike any other medium of campaigning, PPC services provide instant results of the advertisements displayed. Getting up your ads on Google network provides you the best traffics which help in reaching numerous audiences in a click and help you achieve your targets, Whatever your goals be it traffic, leads, sales, video views or App downloads.

    2. Fast Results

    Google Display Network Advertising helps you to grow your business by increasing your reach to millions of people while they are browsing their favorite websites, checking G-mails account, watching YouTube videos, using apps and mobile devices. Google Display Network Advertising provides you great opportunity to introduce your brand to people without waiting for users to come and find your products or services.

    3. Measurable Results

    PPC services are very transparent as everything about your business ads can be tracked. Be it costs, profits, number of clicks and visits everything is clearly accountable. This would help in determining whether the PPC services are working towards the achievement of goals or are there is any scope of improvement required. You can simply calculate your conversion and ROI of PPC Campaign.

    4. Targeted Audience

    Through Pay Per Click services , one can keep a control over the type of audience as these ads target customers who search for that particular type of brand or product like food, travel, astrology etc. Choosing people of a certain age, time zone, location, provides creating an awareness of the product to maximum number people interested in those type of products.

    5. Brand Recognition

    Creating an awareness of your product or brand by carefully choosing the right keywords will help you remain on the top. This way a awareness about the brand is created which will help in improving sales. Social media ads can be also helful in it.

    6. Budget Friendly

    The PPC services allows one to choose how much one wants to spend on creating, developing and paying for per click. There is no specific budget and one can increase or decrease the investment on the basis of profits or return earned through this service.

    7. Increased web traffic

    With PPC services, you can make your ads relevant to the targeted keywords. PPC services can grow your chances to promote increased web traffic by allowing businesses to target specific keywords and phrases that potential customers are likely to search for. By appearing as a top search result, businesses can encourage more people to click through to their website, resulting in increased traffic levels.

    8. More leads

    PPC services can help you optimize your campaigns for quality leads, targeting your audience through effective keyword research, and creating compelling ads. PPC helps you to understand your target audience and their demands and needs. Making use of retargeting and other lead-generation strategies can also be beneficial in increasing the number of quality leads you generate.

    9. Increased sales

    PPC services help you to remarket to reach potential customers who have already shown interest in your products or services. As you understand more about your consumers, you are also putting effort into adequately educating consumers to drive them deeper along the sales funnel. With PPC services you can improve your conversion rate by optimizing your landing pages and offering compelling calls to action.

    10. More in-store visits

    PPC services can help you prioritize more on using search ads to target customers who are searching for products or services that are relevant to your business. Make sure your ad copy is clear with a call-to-action that encourages customers to visit your store. Use location-based targeting to reach customers who are near your store.

    11. More phone calls

    By using PPC services, you can increase the number of phone calls you receive. Use call tracking services so that you can see how many calls are being generated from your PPC campaigns and also you can use click-to-call ads which allow users to call you directly from your ad. Remarketing enables you to determine the phrases, marketing, and other factors that lead to productive interactions.

    12. Better brand awareness

    PPC can assist you in achieving a wide range of marketing objectives. These objectives encompass everything from strong brand awareness and actionable insights to something like a hot lead registration or an online transaction. With PPC services, you can also create ads that are specifically designed to increase brand awareness which would drive customers to identify and appreciate your company based on brand fame.


    Display ads

    Display ad is among the most efficient methods for boosting brand, company, and customer recognition. Display advertisements are classified as reactive advertisements, remarketing ads, and network ads. While creating display advertising, the medium, ad style, and positioning must all influence how you create your unique property, i.e., the image itself. Evaluate your call-to-action, the proposals, slogan, company brand, and logo.


    Amazon Advertising

    Marketers that wish to increase the exposure of business products on can spend for any of these spots by competing on targeted keywords, which also will result in better prominence inside the Amazon SERPs. Whenever a consumer interacts with the marketer's advertising, the marketer is compensated. Amazon's advertisement infrastructure can indeed be thought of in terms of the Amazon counterpart of AdWords.


    Search ads

    You'll choose an objective for your Search strategies like bringing visitors to your webpage or generating revenue. With pay-per-click (PPC) services, businesses simply spend whenever your ad generates outcomes, for example when people click on your advertisement banner and browse your webpage or call your organization. Whenever you create your Search ads, you can specify the objective you would like to achieve, including such:
    (a) Enhance your online/in-store revenues.
    (b) Obtain additional prospects
    (c) Increase your website's number of visitors.


    Paid Social ads

    Social networking exposure might require weeks to generate owing to the mechanisms at work in the background from the most prominent platforms on the internet. Unless you're operating a timed event, this skyrocket period could price you attention and referrals. Using sponsored social networking sites, your promotion can begin with a steeper slope with organic search. In conjunction with preserving hits, attention, and conversation for as lengthy as your payment method will allow, you'll now have the option of remarketing customers with their advertising to attain a controllable advertising recurrence.


    Gmail Sponsored Ads

    Consumers use Google to find out what they should do, where to travel, and what they should purchase. The advert could display on Google right when an individual is browsing for similar items or services to your business. A well-timed advertisement, either on a computer or laptop, could convert individuals into esteemed clients. You may target additional receive notifications inside your expenditure by using clever, simple adverts. In addition, you will work together to enhance your advertisements throughout the period because then you achieve a greater number of outcomes that are essential to your organization.


    Video Ads

    Businesses eager to enhance their overall profitability are flocking to video ads. Businesses that are doing videos want to improve their ROI. Marketers are confronting a number of the problems of video ads while organizations enhance their multimedia strategy to capitalize on the advantages of digital advertising. It's simple to view, simple to allow the following episode to loop, and simple to lose track of the clock onscreen. The more individuals who view the videos you make and generate with adverts, hence more engagements you receive.

    What Are The Types of Bidding Strategies?

    Google Adwords plan should outperform the competition by generating however many clicks as feasible inside your budgeted cost. To design an effective buying operation, it is necessary to conduct an extensive study on various competing tactics. Google Ads has ten major AdWords campaigns which are described here:

    Target CPA (Cost Per Acquisition)- CPA is a promotional statistic that typically calculates the overall entire amount of a client executing a particular act. CPA illustrates the amount that it spends to move a particular consumer through the sales funnel, from initial contact to final implementation. This transaction can be described as a visit, buy, leads, or a variety of many other alternatives, depending on company promotional strategies.

    Target ROAS (Return On Ad Spend)- Return on ad spend is a measurement that typically calculates the amount of income earned for every dollar invested in advertising. Additional measures, also including click-through percentage and ROI, will very certainly be measured. You’ll obtain a rather more true depiction of your outcomes if you measure various measures.

    CPM Bidding (Cost Per Thousand Impressions)- Cost per thousand (CPM) is a marketing slogan that typically describes the amount paid by advertisers for every thousand advertisement appearances on a new website. CPM is among numerous strategies for pricing internet advertisements; often includes CPC as well as CPA.

    CPM Bidding (Cost Per Viewable Thousand Impressions)- In general, your offer for the accessible CPM could have to be greater than the offer for a conventional CPM attempt to keep your expenditures and visitors at a comparable amount as a CPM advertising; nevertheless, users must explore with an offer which matches for your increased brand awareness. Available for viewing CPM bidding strategies are not accessible for Search Engine commercials. The advertisements will not display when you establish your program to use the accessible CPM target value and afterward produce advertisements that are just not suitable.

    CPV Bidding (Cost Per View)- CPV, or cost per view, is a monetization strategy being used in mobile application engagement and market awareness programs during which companies pay for every watch of their smartphone video ad. It was a wonderful solution if you want to stretch your promotional spending to the greatest extent feasible.

    Maximize Conversions- If you select Maximize conversion utility without specifying a Target CPA, it will allocate your funds to maximize conversions worth for the advertisements. It’ll assist you to acquire more conversion profit as possible just at an interest rate on advertising costs if you use Maximize conversion rate with such a Target CPA specified or ROAS.

    Enhanced Cost Per Click (ECPC)- ECPC increases business converts whilst attempting to maintain the very same cost-per-conversion as conventional bargaining. Regarding Retail promotions, ECPC aids are sure to add while attempting to keep expenditures constant. You could also configure ECPC to optimize for converting evaluation, which allows businesses to prioritize a higher range of conversions.

    Maximize Clicks- Optimize views is an automatic bidding technique that automatically adjusts current bids to achieve however many visits as necessary while staying inside your expenditure. Whenever employing a maximize hits target value, Maximum CPC (cost per click) allows you to establish a bidding restriction. When you do not specify the highest CPC offer restriction, Google Ads will alter your offers to even get you quite as many hits as practicable whilst staying within your expenditure.

    Manual CPC Bidding- Manual CPC purchasing allows you to determine the highest level you are willing to shell out for every hit on the advertising.

    Target Impression Share Bidding- Targeting impressions allocation is an automatic purchasing approach that establishes prices intending to display your advertisement at the very highest position on the page, or anyplace on the Google search result page.

    Benefits of Online Advertising and Google Ads

    Internet advertising enables businesses to target prospective customers who are certain to be drawn to your items and services while excluding individuals who are not. You may also see so if these folks responded to your adverts. Digital marketing also allows you to contact such consumers who utilize a wide range of devices, including workstations, computers, and smart handsets. Google Ads enable you to profit from the advantages of online advertisement by displaying your Adwords to the prospective clientele, in the correct place, and during the proper moment. Google Ads has various advantages, however, the following are the most important:

    Target your ads

    Proper segmentation of ads enables you to present your brand advertisements to your intended customers who have fixed preferences mainly those who are fascinated by your products or services. Google Ads has several relevant keywords that can boost your business. Here are a few options for web ads that will help you focus your advertising strategies much more precisely than before:
    ● Keywords: Phrases or keywords that are associated with your products or services are employed to display brand ads when customers access related web pages.
    ● Ad placement: Showcase your ads across various available search engines and webpages and webpages in the Google Search & Display Networks.
    ● Personal demographics: Select your consumers’ ages, geographical regions, and dialects to hit a bull’s eye.
    ● Frequency of occurrence: Display your advertisements at specific times, with a fixed frequency with which they display.
    ● Devices: Your advertisements can appear on several different electronic gadgets, allowing you to control which equipment and then when they surface.

    Control your costs

    Google Ads provides you with entire authority over how your funds are to be rightly spent. You can also specify the amount you wish to pay every month or per day on each ad that will boost your business propaganda. You will only be charged whenever one taps on your surfaced ads.

    Measure your success

    Utilize statistical techniques to discover and understand your consumers’ purchase behavior, including the number of individuals, spend researching your goods before purchasing anything.

    Manage your campaigns

    Google Ads additionally includes facilities for easily managing and monitoring businesses. You could also administer your Google Ads subscription remotely using Google Ads Editor which is a simple pc tool that permits you to make adjustments to your campaign quickly and effectively. You can retrieve your account details, adjust your advertisements locally, and thereafter finally publish your modifications to Google Ads using Google Ads Editor.
    You could administer, modify, and see several identities while simultaneously, copying or transferring objects throughout advertisements and programs, and redo and repeat numerous iterations while modifying advertisements with Google Ads Editor.

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