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Hotels marketing strategies vary based on many factors, including location, target market, target group, and season. Among the strategies hotels  can use in their marketing are:

1- Strong Online Presence: Hotels and resorts can improve their online presence by creating a unique mobile-responsive website, marketing special offers and promotions through social media.

2- Providing a unique experience: Hotels and resorts can provide a unique experience for guests by providing unique services, special offers and unique leisure activities.

3- Focusing on e-commerce: Hotels and tourist resorts can improve their sales by investing in e-commerce and online reservations.

4- Working on improving customer service: Hotels and tourist resorts can improve their services to meet the needs of guests and work to provide a satisfactory experience for customers and make it continuous by providing distinguished services and training workers to communicate with customers in a professional manner.

5- Partnerships: Hotels and resorts can collaborate with local and international companies to provide additional services to guests, such as joint promotions and services.

6- E-marketing: Hotels can use e-marketing to promote the services they provide, such as online reservations and advertisements on social networking sites.

7- Offers and discounts: Hotels can offer offers and discounts to attract more customers, such as discounts for early reservations and discounts for repeat customers.

8- Cooperation with travel agencies and companies: Hotels can cooperate with travel agencies and companies to increase the number of reservations and attract more clients.

9- TV and print ads: Hotels can use TV and print ads to promote their services and raise awareness of the hotel.


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